Barbican Lakeside

Hidden away in the middle of the City, the Barbican lakeside terrace is a welcome little spot of calm. Take in the best views of the surrounding architecture, including St. Giles’ Church and the monolithic Gilbert House, propped up from the lakeside by gravity-defying concrete columns. Sit back and enjoy the serenity with a coffee or a bite to eat from the Barbican Kitchen, and while away the hours before you explore the rest of the centr

Artist Notes

There seems to exist a beautiful bizarreness about the Barbican Lakeside. The structures of brick and concrete are here juxtaposed with elements of nature: a flowing body of water, the sound of fountains, greenery lining the walkway, ducks paddling to their nests... It makes for a peaceful spot to escape one’s daily toils and the hyper-urban setting of the Barbican and London. Yet we are still surrounded by brick and concrete, brick and concrete, brick and concrete...

Upon brick is interested in capturing the spirit of the Barbican Lakeside and exploring the listening experience accommodated by the nature of a site-specific work. I was thus interested in writing a piece that is able to inhabit and enhance the feeling of being in the location, specifically looking to blur the boundary between the track and the sounds of the Lakeside. Indeed, it is this idea that informs the trajectory of the piece, and consequently one through which I hope listeners can engage more deeply with the space.


Composition by Alex Ho

Solo Soprano: Héloïse Werner

Alex Ho

Alex Ho is a British-Chinese composer based in London whose work explores narratives of diasporic identity. Alex Ho wrote a piece for solo soprano a capella, interpreted by French-born and London-based soprano Héloïse Werner.


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Alex Ho

Upon Brick