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Running west from St Mary Axe, directly opposite The Gherkin, Undershaft is a narrow street behind the Leadenhall Building and St Helen’s (formerly the Commercial Union building). It is named after a maypole (or ‘shaft’) that was erected annually at the junction of Leadenhall Street and St Mary Axe until 1517, when student riots put an end to it (the maypole itself survived until 1547 when it was seized by a mob and destroyed as a ‘pagan idol’.) The 16th-century church of St Andrew Undershaft replaced other church buildings on the site, built in the mid-12th and the 14th centuries. In September 2016, permission was granted for a new building at 1 Undershaft, which has been developed by Aroland Holdings and designed by Eric Parry Architects to replace St Helen’s. The new tower is designed to be built 10.5 metres off the ground in order to create public space underneath. To make room for this, the core will need to be positioned to the side of the tower. As a result, bronze diamond-shaped external cross-bracing will be required, giving the building its nickname, ‘The Trellis’. Upon completion, it will become the second-tallest skyscraper the UK.

Artist Notes:

Full as Deep is a piece for violin inspired by the fascinating history and the modern spectacle of Undershaft in the City of London. Adjacent St. Helen’s Bishopgate and the Gherkin, this place opens to layers of deep history and at the same time, evokes futuristic anticipation. Thinking about Thomas Tallis’s architectural sonority in his 40 part motet, Spem in Alium, I wanted to explore with layers of colour on the violin. This piece is written for 4 parts which are based on a theme reminiscent of a motet – the lines interweave with one another, expressing its own colour. As St.Helen’s was William Shakespeare’s parish church in the 1590s, the title refers to Shakespeare’s words about a deep beauty from within: ‘The canker-blooms have full as deep a dye' (Sonnet 54).

Midori Komachi

Midori Komachi is a violinist, writer and composer. She has performed as a soloist extensively throughout Europe and Japan, includng in some of the world's most prestigious venues such as Tonhalle Zurich;Tokyo Opera City Hall; Philharmony Warsaw; Wigmore Hall, London; and the Rector's Palace, Croatia. She has also been featured on TV and radio, including in an NHK TV documentary about her work, broadcast in 2017. Her latest release, in which she performs along with violinist Sophia Rosa and pianist Simon Callaghan is called ‘Warp and Weft’ and is out on EM Records. A bilingual writer, Komachi's book Delius as I knew him was published by Artes, Japan (2017). As a composer, Komachi as collaborated with artists in various genres, including writing the music for the Maggie's Centres’ LIFE Exhibition with Ski Oakenfull. 


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Midori Komachi

Full As Deep