Hoehyeon Citizen Apartment

Hoehyeon Citizen Apartment: Two 10 floor apartment were built in 1970, where one of the two is demolished and the other is still in use. This building symbolizes economic development in the 1960s and 70s. This is the last civic apartment in Seoul. it is planned to be remodelled as an arts space and housing for young people.

Sound Systems:

Based on the idea of opposing "sound systems" in a space with the audience watching from the side-lines. Each "sound system" generates treated sounds from two distinct categories creating an aural tension between the "making" and modern "consuming" Seoul. The space between the opposing “sound systems” is mediated by dancers, trying to move/exist between the tensions present in the piece caught in the allegorical audio cross fire.

Steve Hellier

Steve Hellier attended Goldsmiths in the late 80’s where he studied fine art. After leaving, he formed Death in Vegas with Richard Fearless writing and recording their first album “Dead Elvis” which gained commercial and critical success.

Steve has spent the last few years helping create collaborative audio related pieces with Nick Luscombe for the Musicity project - at Tallinn Music Week 2016, Museum of London “Deed and Prosper” and more recently a Musicity residency at WORM in Rotterdam plus sound installation work at the Resonant Edge festival 2017 (Edge Hill University). Steve has also been involved installing Mark Leckey’s (Turner Prize winner 2008) recent film “Dream English Kid”.


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Steve Hellier

Sound Systems