Serpentine Pavillion Beijing

The Serpentine Galleries are located in Kensington Park, London, and construct a new temporary architecture pavilion annually. This year, in cooperation with WF Central, the Serpentine Pavilion Beijing was unveiled in May. The structure lies in the center of the 690-square-meter green space at the WF Central development, where it is currently on display for half a year. The design is characterized by the figure of an archer, in the form of a curved cantilever beam that incorporates the forces of elasticity through cables stretched between steel plates.

Artist Notes:

Located among the old hutongs in Beijing, the Serpentine Pavilion Beijing is not only the first pavilion commissioned and built outside the UK by the British Serpentine Gallery but is also a symbol of the fusion of Chinese and Western culture. Following its leisurely curves, a pavilion space is created. Looking at it from a distance, you feel a surreal attraction to pass through it, or just stop for a moment to admire this multi-layered space.

Inspiration for the new elements in our music was drawn from the pavilion as well as by using the new technology of artificial intelligence. To demonstrate the flexibility and rigidity of the architectural design, we use ambient music to represent its flexibility, while techno electronic beats represent its rigidity. As a group of outlanders in Beijing, the work also conveys our impression of life there. We hope to use our voices to express the cultural atmosphere, to capture a snapshot of life, to slow them down and rewind.


 AI+ is an electronic music group. The members of the group have been making and performing electronic music for many years. Currently, they are developing a project to leverage two AI (artificial intelligence) tech leaders: IBM and Microsoft with their cutting edge AI technologies to compose, arrange and write lyrics and also to sing songs, which will then be performed by a human group using classic vintage synthesizers - this is where machine and human crossover and digital and analog crossover.

Members: Dr. Alan Ip, Ray Kong, Yanlo Chow

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Serpentine Pavilion Beijing