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Arsenal is a vast red brick covered building from Russian Czar Peter the Great times - 1917. It was mainly a weapons factory though originally planned as a barracks. Until 2012 it still served the Estonian military. Since 2016 it is a centre connecting offices, creative businesses, shops and cafes. What is less known is its spacious rooftop that is used by the staff and businesses in the building or opened for special occasions such as our Musicity event.

Artist Notes

The piece was inspired by both the form of its architectural detail, acoustic rhythms and its history. Starting from the sonic beauty of a cinematic scene of hundreds of bullet casings falling and crystallising over time, which then over the course of the piece morphs into the sound of shopping carts scraping against a concrete floor. Then the brick-like piano structure moving from consonant confusion to clarity and finally using the dancing light rhythms in the new atrium to dictate the tempo.

Sander Mölder

Sander Mölder (b. 1987) is a composer, producer and DJ.

He started his music career as a cellist and has made music in very diverse ensembles and musical environments ever since. Some of the highlights include performances at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona and Open’er festival in Poland. Mölder, in collaboration with Marianna Liik, completed his first opera in 2014. In 2012, his first album “Matches” was released that drew international attention and was included in the shows of BBC Radio DJs Gilles Peterson and Mary-Anne Hobbs.

Together with Peeter Ehala, Mölder is the organizer of the popular soul music event series TIKS. In 2015, his piece “R-E-D 1” for the Estonian Music Days, where he used acoustician Linda Madalik’s recordings, received wide attention. In February 2017, Mölder played with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra as an electronics performer. In 2018, he released the albums “TIKS 068” and “TIKS 071”.

In September 2018, on the occasion of the Estonian Centenary, there was a ballet based on the life of Estonian chess grandmaster Paul Keres that premiered where Sander Mölder was involved through a cooperation with Timo Steiner, Teet Kask, Ülar Mark et al.

His latest co-operations include the pieces “San Francisco” together with Andres Kõpper, or NOËP and “Kui puus pöörleb” with Reket.

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Sander Mölder