Design Society

Design Society is a collaboration between China Merchants Shekou Holdings and one of the world's top museums, the National Victoria and Albert Museum. Sea World Culture and Arts Center operated by Design Society was designed by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner. The elegant white stone building features three cantilevered volumes, opening up horizons to the surrounding mountain, sea and city, symbolising Design Society’s role to become an important cultural interface between China and the world, and its ambition to explore new frontiers for design.

Artist Notes:

People’s Hill is inspired by a city that is fast developing a new blueprint for future city dwelling, fusing eco-consciousness, analogue living and digital solutions. Many aspects of the city’s creative energy is distilled within the wonderful Design Society designed by Maki and Associates as a new global culture hub intended to help initiate collaborations between design and people, institutions, industry, commerce, and daily life.

In the track we hear the sound of the streets filled with people, and the voice of Fumihiko Maki who calls his space Peoples Hill. We also hear a robot teacher that I discovered on the main electrical market. I aimed to make the music feel it could have been made for a long lost 1980’s TV documentary programme that somehow still sounds like the future!.

Nick Luscombe

Nick Luscombe is the founder and creative director of Musicity. He presents the Sony Award Winning BBC Radio 3 Late Junction programme and produces radio for the BBC and other networks.

His work is inspired by memory and location and the unique power that sound has to transport us.

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Nick Luscombe

People's Hill