1862 Theatre

1862 Theatre, formerly known as Shanghai Shipyard, is now a multi-functional cultural venue after being designed and remodelled by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The old factory building remained as it was, and the large space of the ship-building hall was utilised more effectively by dividing it into different floors. The old steam pipes were transformed into air-conditioning ducts in the theatre, and even oxidised iron was used in the construction of the newly built elevators to create the sense of being in an old building. The two walls on the east and west sides of the building are made of terracotta bricks strung together with steel wire. Kuma also preserved the winding chimneys and the steel beams of the original shipyard. Mottled red brick walls, huge rust-filled steam pipes, and exposed beams and columns form a place that allows one to fully sense its historical and industrial heritage.

Artist Notes:

I arrived in Shanghai with the grasslands and horses of Northwestern China in my blood. I was a stranger to the sea and ships. Yet my current "navigating" and "nomadic state" are what led to the choice of the 1862 theatre. When I first saw its internal and external structures, I was struck by its strong industrial feel. During the second live recording process, the sound of different materials in the building fascinated me. The muffled sound of a passing shipping vessels on the surface of the river outside the theatre and the noise of building construction - the soundscape they formed is vital.I decided to use these rich tone samples in the music piece named 1862. The sounds in these four Chinese number characters resemble a password.

Anuar Kaldekhan

Anuar Kaldekhan is a guitarist who plays a variety of Kazak folk musical instruments and is a unique sound innovator.

His creation is rooted in the traditional philosophy of Kazakhstan, "küy", a kind of the high degree of sensibility achieved with sound, through the contemporary sound expression to explore the music with modern consciousness. His live performance often brings a strong visual sense through the psychedelic sound field.


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Anuar Kaldekhan

One Eight Six Two