Nobblessner Foundry

8 Noblessner Foundry (Noblessneri valukoda) / Peetri 10 / Mart Avi

Noblessner Foundry was a ship building plant and a non-ferrous metal foundry. It was a huge factory complex and port dedicated to submarine building during World War One. After losing its original function, it has gained fame with its majestic spacious hall, long rooftop stripe-like window and simple concrete materiality.

The holy atmosphere has offered space now for several concerts including an Arvo Pärt music presentation. 

It is now open as the PROTO invention factory.

Artist Notes

The engine of the track is an analogue drone-machine mounted into a robustious WW2 era ammunition box my sonical equivalent of the historical Foundry. The digital manipulation of it is aiming to mimic hydroacoustics as its layers transform into deep aquatic sonar beeps. It’s as if the phantoms of long gone submarines once built in the Foundry are trying to navigate back to their original lair, which is no more. Yes, the Foundry is not what it was, but from time to time one can still hear the sounds of welding as it’s being prepared for its next stage of life, the so-called Virtual Reality Adventure Centre. Surprisingly befitting, the idea of it resonates with the Age of Discovery, which inspirited Jules Verne, the forefather of steam-punk, the novelist who put submarines into science-fiction. The knowledge of the fact started alternating my dramatic approach towards the track. It manifested itself as a shift to digital glistening, laced over the metalworks and torpedo trails of the past, the imagined sound of Voyages extraordinaires. 

Mart Avi

Estonian singer and electronic producer Mart Avi hooks up neo-glam aesthetics with unmapped sonic territories for an age yet to come, playing around with his persona, real, imagined, on or offline. His is the the sound of information overload, of thousands of underground server parks filtering the signal of the perfect pop song from the buzzing avant-noise. Avi’s fourth solo full-length “OtherWorld”, released in late 2018, has been described as “a record which goes beyond feeling like a film soundtrack or music for a virtual reality designed by the ghost of JG Ballard for those with a wandering ear.” “It’s radioactive quant-soul for DNA hackers,“ says Mart Avi himself about his immersive “inner-pop” masterpiece. “Bleed a different quality… Surrender to it”.

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Mart Avi

Noblessner Foundry