Sewoon Electronics Department Store(Sewoon Sangga)

Sewoon Electronics Department Store(Sewoon Sangga): Sewoon Sangga is designed by Korean architect, Soo-Geun Kim. It marks as one of the first modern building in Korea in the 1960s, and it is also the first residential-commercial complex as well as complex for home appliances. This complex enjoyed the economic boom in the 1970s before going on a decline as government went under a massive development projects in other areas such as Gangnam and Yongsan. In 2009, it was decided to demolish this building but in 2014 it was re-decided to keep it due to the concerns for the further recession of the local economy and disruption of the industrial ecosystem.

In Numerous Rooms: This work archives the Sewoon Shopping Complex, which contains the modern and contemporary history of Seoul, through sound. It collects, edits, and reconstructs sounds made in a motif of space, such as the sounds heard from there in the past or from movies set in and around the Complex. The mixture of the sounds that existed in that place and the imaginary sounds generated by the buildings of Sewoon Shopping Complex creates a layer of reality and the illusion of the buildings.
You can hear the sounds while walking around the central square of the building. The sounds heard while walking along the corridors of the spaces in which many people reside collide with the history of this particular place from 1968 to the present.

Jang Young-gyu

Jang Young-gyu, a musician, composer, and member of Uhuhboo Project, Ssing Ssing, and Be-Being, has been involved in numerous projects in the fields of film, theater, dance, and visual art since the late 90s. He has shown experimental musical tendencies through textures of sound and segments of rhythm. Recently, he has been attempting to study the areas of ​​traditional instruments, sounds and performances and to realize new structures of tradition by connecting them with contemporary music.

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Jang Young-gyu

In Numerous Rooms