Namsan Park(Baekbeom Square)

Namsan Park(Baekbeom Square): Namsan Park is the largest park in Seoul and is home to many species of trees and plants. Baekbeom Square was created in 1968 to commemorate Korean independence activist Kim Koo. It is located between Children’s Square and Central Square in Namsan Park. Seoul City Wall was restored in 2013 in this section and this wall is connected to Sungnyemun.

Hanyang Nanbong-ga: There is a new view of Seoul from Baekbeom Plaza which is located between Hoehyeon-dong and the foot of Mt. Namsan. There are nicely laid-out trees surrounding the square which is quite spacious. In the high horizon, beyond a forest of high-rise buildings, a lot of apartments together with a village of houses where the hands of urban development have been slow can be viewed in one glimpse. Looking out at all of this, together with the Seoul City Wall which is just beside the plaza, it is surprising and delightful to discover the diversity that is mixed into the big pot known as ‘Seoul’.
From the early Joseon Dynasty to the present day, the walls of Seoul have been preserved for hundreds of years. “Hanyang Nanbong-ga” is a song about the flaneur of the past and the flaneur of the present, who strolls here and there, telling the story of the world from person to person while enjoying the flavor of that world. Music Group Tree composed a song with a new interpretation, containing motifs from the melody and lyrics of “Long Nanbong-ga” and “Sasul Nanbong-ga” which were sung in Hwanghae Province.

Music Group NaMu

Music Group Tree is a group that deeply embodies the artistry and spirit of Korean traditional music, accepts various genres of music, and makes music that contemporary people can play together. Their music is characterized by improvisation through interaction, which has the great strength of gathering art forms from various genres and audiences together in one spot. Music Group NaMu has been working with artists from diverse fields such as dance, documentary, classical and jazz since 2013, showing audiences the creative ability and outstanding performance of the three musicians. For several years, they have been invited to various festivals, and have been proudly performing both traditional and contemporary orchestral music and have received high hopes from the Korean music industry

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Music Group NaMu

Hanyang Nanbong-ga