fabric first opened in October 1999; though it started as an idea many years prior to that. The building alone took over three years to convert but the club now stands in the renovated space of the Metropolitan Cold Stores in Farringdon.
Since its inception fabric has established itself as a cornerstone of the electronic music world. It prides itself on showcasing the most exciting acts from the electronic world 52 weeks per year.
Outside of the venue fabric also runs two highly regarded record labels, Fabric Records and Houndstooth.

Artist Notes:

This little piece of music is about Fabric's wonderful and complicated journey. I first visited it when it was a decommissioned meat fridge called the Cold Stores. We had to enter by way of a laddy and it had long since passed the point of hygiene or purpose. Over a two year period, the damp arches and storage chambers were painstakingly reconstructed into the three floor, brick labyrinth we now know as Fabric.

It soon became one of the most important electronic music venues in the world. Sound, light, staircases, bars and dance floors completed the transformation.

My residency has spanned twenty years, I have played well over 700 Saturday nights there. So when asked to represent it with sound, I assumed it would be straightforward. Of course, it was not!

I settled on this modest little tune to tell the story.  From meat to music and from cold to hot. From closure to reopening.

Fabric's heartbeat is as strong as ever.


‘At home at Fabric’ by Craig Richards

Craig Richards

Craig Richards is a visual artist, producer, record collector, gentleman of the night and mind altering selector who has shaped the musical identity of Fabric, the 25,000 square feet underground club set in the Metropolitan Cold Stores. Each and every week he creates an inspiring soundtrack for the club, never the same and always challenging, his early morning sets are legendary.


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Craig Richards

At home at fabric