Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP):

Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP): DDP is a multi-cultural complex located at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station in Seoul, Korea. Since its foundation on 21 March 2014, DDP has staged diverse cultural events including exhibitions, fashion shows, product launch shows, forums, conferences and various cultural events. DDP is where new design trends begin and cultures are exchanged. It is a venue that introduces new products and fashion trends, that shares knowledge through exhibitions, and that offers diverse contents to experience new design.

Follow the Flow:

From the flow of the river that used to be, I found an area immersed in rolling change, politics and mass crowd inundations. Zaha Hadid’s architecture follows this historical culture of Seoul and each unique curve and individual metal panel, in the heat of the day, allows a cool breeze to drift around the building. I felt calm and at peace. Sounds of the surrounding city distantly echoing through the smooth and graceful spaces, allowing the mind to wander and imagination soar. Allowing enough space for your ears and mind to wander through the curved white corridors and escape to the grassy roof and beyond, the mix of electronic and classical music echoes the metal, concrete and natural areas. With 40,000 individual panels making up the exterior of the building, I used the number 4 throughout – a tempo of 40bpm, 4 layers of audio, 4 vocals cues, 4 piano strikes from the grounds of DDP and 4 hits of a traditional gong I bought when leaving Seoul.

Hannah Peel

Based in London, UK, the Northern Irish artist, singer and electronic composer Hannah Peel released her new solo album Awake But Always Dreaming to great acclaim at the end of 2016. Drawing on personal experiences with her grandmother ‘awakening’ from dementia with music – Peel has described this album as ‘a dive into the rabbit hole of the brain’ and was awarded 'No.1 Electronic Album of the Year' by Electronic Sound Magazine.
A collaborator with the likes of John Foxx (Ultravox), The Magnetic North and OMD – Peels next instrumental ‘odyssey’ album for September 2017 takes a traditional Colliery brass band and synths to escape reality on a journey into space… titled ‘Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia’.

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Hannah Peel

Follow the Flow