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MxTAB2019 – Taavi Tulev

Taavi Tulev is an award winning Estonian artist working on multiple fields. He’s been making electronic music for almost 20 years, makes nature recordings, works with architecture, creates patterns, made soundscapes for architectural spaces and many other things. Inspired by nature/mathematics and deeper states of mind which he tries to bring into physical realms. He is also active under alias HAPE.

For Musicity x TAB 2019, Taavi created a piece in response to the spaces of the Noblessner Piers.

Here, he shares his insights:

For me personally the space and area is mostly about water. Water directs the seasons, the weather, view to the horizon and also the way space is designed around it. Human made structures change, water remains. Rhythm of the track is almost constant, yet mystical and hard to differentiate. Perhaps it's the same with stuff around the water. Things are being built, they age and then are being replaced with new ones – or perhaps they won't. But then again, there's still water and will always be. It sounds like water too – at least for me.

The track is recorded in one piece with a peace of mind made without the use of computers. Synthesizers, drum machine, sequencers, couple of effect units and a stereo out from mixer.



Photo credit: Fred Laur


Noblessner Piers’ by Taavi Tulev releases September 14 as part of Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

To listen to ‘Noblessner Piers’, open the Musicity x TAB 2019 Web App and go to the Noblessner Piers!

Musicity x TAB 2019 is commissioned by Tallinn Architecture Biennale - Satellite Programme,the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus, EFTEN Capital, Arsenal Keskus, Põhjala tehas and Noblessneri sadamalinnak.

With thanks to: all our Musicity artists, Kirke Päss (curator of TAB 2019 Satellite Programme), TAB2019, Rainer Lillo Music Van and Balbiino.