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MxTAB2019 – Sander Mölder

Sander Mölder is a composer, producer and DJ. He started his music career as a cellist and has made music in very diverse ensembles and musical environments. Some of his highlights include performances at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona and Open’er festival in Poland. In 2018, he released the albums “TIKS 068” and “TIKS 071”.

For Musicity x TAB 2019, Sander created a piece in response to the space of Arsenal.

Here, he shares his insights:

The piece was inspired by both the form of it’s architectural detail, acoustic rhythms and it’s history. Starting from the sonic beauty of a cinematic scene of hundreds of bullet casings falling and crystallising over time, which then over the course of the piece morphs into the sound of shopping carts scraping against a concrete floor. Then the brick-like piano structure moving from consonant confusion to clarity and finally using the dancing light rhythms in the new atrium to dictate the tempo.


Arsenal’ by Sander Mölder releases September 14 as part of Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

To listen to ‘Arsenal’, open the Musicity x TAB 2019 Web App and go to Arsenal!

Musicity x TAB 2019 is commissioned by Tallinn Architecture Biennale - Satellite Programme,the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus, EFTEN Capital, Arsenal Keskus, Põhjala tehas and Noblessneri sadamalinnak.

With thanks to: all our Musicity artists, Kirke Päss (curator of TAB 2019 Satellite Programme), TAB2019, Rainer Lillo Music Van and Balbiino.