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MxTAB2019 – Mart Avi

Estonian singer and electronic producer Mart Avi hooks up neo-glam aesthetics with unmapped sonic territories for an age yet to come, playing around with his persona, real, imagined, on or offline. His is the the sound of information overload, of thousands of underground server parks filtering the signal of the perfect pop song from the buzzing avant-noise.

For Musicity x TAB 2019, Mart created a piece in response to the spaces of the Noblessner Foundry.

Here, he shares his insights:

The engine of the track is an analogue drone-machine mounted into a robustious WW2 era ammunition box my sonical equivalent of the historical Foundry. The digital manipulation of it is aiming to mimic hydroacoustics as its layers transform into deep aquatic sonar beeps. It’s as if the phantoms of long gone submarines once built in the Foundry are trying to navigate back to their original lair, which is no more. Yes, the Foundry is not what it was, but from time to time one can still hear the sounds of welding as it’s being prepared for its next stage of life, the so-called Virtual Reality Adventure Centre. Surprisingly befitting, the idea of it resonates with the Age of Discovery, which inspirited Jules Verne, the forefather of steam-punk, the novelist who put submarines into science-fiction. The knowledge of the fact started alternating my dramatic approach towards the track. It manifested itself as a shift to digital glistening, laced over the metalworks and torpedo trails of the past, the imagined sound of Voyages extraordinaires. 


Noblessner Foundry’ by Mart Avi releases September 14 as part of Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

To listen to ‘Noblessner Foundry’, open the Musicity x TAB 2019 Web App and go to the Noblessner Foundry!

Musicity x TAB 2019 is commissioned by Tallinn Architecture Biennale - Satellite Programme,the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus, EFTEN Capital, Arsenal Keskus, Põhjala tehas and Noblessneri sadamalinnak.

With thanks to: all our Musicity artists, Kirke Päss (curator of TAB 2019 Satellite Programme), TAB2019, Rainer Lillo Music Van and Balbiino.