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MxLL – Suitman Jungle

Suitman Jungle is a creation of percussionist Marc Pell. He plays live Jungle and Drum & Bass mash-ups using his voice, a sampler, and a standing cocktail drum kit. Having started on the streets of L.A.'s Hollywood Boulevard busking next to Captain America, the show has toured supporting Goat Girl and Mount Kimbie, performed at Hospital Record's Croatian Festival Hospitality On The Beach, and received Arts Council England funding to create theatre shows at The Roundhouse and Canada Water Theatre. Suitman Jungle's album 'Liquid Lunch' (Tape Club Records) is just out. For Londoners, it is only available for purchase at his shows!

For Musicity x Low Line, Suitman Jungle created a piece in response to the spaces of London Bridge Station, exploring the multitude of acoustics in the underbelly of one of the busiests train station in the UK.

Here is an official communiqué by Regional Bassline Services:

"You know that I need you

And you know that you need me too

I didn't know that you needed me

But you showed me I need you"

Here at RBS [Regional Bassline Services] we are acquainted with the challenge of bringing mid-range and sub bass to different regions, but this commission for the Low Line at London Bridge Station presented entirely new and exciting challenges...

- How will the audience engage with the product?

- What will this formidable collection of steel and brick denote to that audience?

- How could our product possibly do justice to a construction that speaks so powerfully by itself?

Myself (Suitman Jungle) and our team quickly realised the most important aspect to capture was the reverb within the arch. So often filled with a relentless bubbling of human and mechanical activity, the reverb lives and breathes silently until triggered. An enormous echo waiting silently to be fed by the noisey actions of us simply existing.

...Our final product is a love song, written from the perspective of this structure, to us...

...A symbiosis...

...Does a tree make a noise when no-one is around to see it fall...?

That's what this piece is about


You Know That I Need You’ by Suitman Jungle releases June 1 as part of London Festival of Architecture.

To listen to ‘You Know That I Need You’, open the Musicity x Low Line Web App and go to London Bridge Station!

Musicity x Low Line is commissioned by Better Bankside, Team London Bridge, Blue Bermondsey.

With thanks to: London Festival of Architecture, Network Rail, Flanagan Lawrence Architects, ARUP.

Photo credit: Ana Origel for Suitman Jungle.