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MxCM – Musicity 360

Musicity 360 is using the medium of Virtual Reality to further extend Musicity's exploration of what can happen when music meets architecture.

Musicity 360 will be a series of 360 degree videos accompanying Musicity compositions and locations, featuring different combinations of digital visual artists working to illuminate how a location can inspire a piece of music.

As part of Musicity x Culture Mile, Musicity 360 presents Order Without Monotony - featuring the collaborative  work of (Scott McPherson), iloobia (Tim Grabham) & dissolvingPath (Neil Cantwell).

Our first Musicity 360 piece allows the user to re-experience three locations at the Barbican, taking as its starting point the architectural philosophy of the Barbican’s designers, Chamberlin, Powell and Bon. The piece’s title is echoed in various elements of the digital animations that make up the 360 degree video, including being reactive to the soundtrack. Experienced in situ at the Barbican as part of the Sound Unbound Festival weekend, the user will be able to stand at a boundary between realities, comparing a digitally enhanced Musicity version of the reality around them to the real thing, and perhaps reflecting differently on their relation to the world around them as a result.