Tha Thian Market

Back in the 17th Century Tha Thian was the trade centre for Bangkok, as an agricultural market once reserved for the royal family. Over the years its function has changed into its current form, as a lively, dried and salted seafood market circled by beautifully restored Sino-Portugese arches period shopfronts painted yellow and green - indicating that they are managed by the Crown Property Bureau. 

Artist Notes:

The song is based almost entirely on sounds I recorded at the market. The idea is that the market slowly comes alive in a percussive way as if people working on the market were all slowly getting into the same rhythm. At some point it becomes a gathering of people dancing and at the end slowly going back to their as i recall it pretty relaxed working style.
I haven‘t used field recordings that extensively before and for it was a very unusual way of working, not having a studio and relying completely on the recorded sounds on the market but I really enjoyed the process, it feels like a snapshot of the moment inexperienced the place.


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Tha Tian