Tencent's new headquarters, the Tencent Seafront Towers, opened to the public in November 2017.  This unique building with futuristic and technological capabilities can accommodate up to 12,000 employees. Since its founding in 1998, Tencent has established a massive digital empire with Shenzhen at its core, witnessing the pace of Shenzhen's transition from being the “world’s factory” to “China’s Silicon Valley”. This cutting-edge high-rise now part of the city skyline is a new landmark in Shenzhen and a symbol of the growth of its technology firms. The building’s sky bridges symbolise interconnectivity, just as Shenzhen is connected to the world.

Artist Notes:

I am aiming to explore human creative process through computational replication of creative functions via the Muisicity China project. The process is comprised of two main parts, first the idea of how the Human brain registers memories; visiting and experiencing through them sensory input. Second, the implementation and replication of Human sensory input via digital material (photography and audio recording). As the producer, I then takes all composition into the arrangement phase and creates pieces that ultimately aim to represent the perception of an artist. The replicated process of composing in this case is hoping to discover an ontologically objective formula from how the human creator perceives, gets inspired and creates.  

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Tencent Seafront Towers