Shekou Fishing Harbour

After exiting from the Dongjiatou metro station and walking along Wanxia Road to the end, one comes across a white factory building emblazoned with four large, red characters meaning ‘Fisherman's Wharf’ in Chinese, also known to the surrounding fishing communities as the Shekou Typhoon Shelter. As part of Shenzhen’s urban renewal plan, renovations officially started in April 2018. Residents bid their final goodbyes to the last remaining fisherman's wharf as its lighthouse, fishing boats and seafood have become but memories, being replaced by a brand new aquarium and cultural business district.

Artist Notes:

My hometown, in the south of Fujian, also has a beautiful seaside fishing harbour, and you can still see fishermen at work as they have for generations. In contrast, the development of Shekou has led to a clash between the city's modern business needs and the hard work of those fishermen of the past. I want to visually represent the contrast of these two docks. Therefore, I have synthesised audio and video recordings of scenes from both my hometown and the Shekou Fishing Harbour of today.

Perhaps I can only go back to my hometown to relive those much-revered scenes of the fishermen hard at work, as well as the familiar smell of the fish, the sounds of the fishing boats and the sea, and of the old fisherman's songs.

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Shekou Fishing Harbour