1 Põhjala Factory (Põhjala tehas) / Marati 5 / Aivar Tõnso

Põhjala Factory is the former centre of Estonian rubber production. Its majestic hangar complex was originally built for ship building. As that industry declined during the interwar period, the rubber production from a small Kopli workshop moved into those iconic concrete hangars of Bekker Shipyard. Now it is developing in a vibrant area combining culture, young enterprises, bakery and coffee roast, and soon also some special apartments offering space for permanent residents.

Artist Notes

The Kopli Peninsula was once the main recreational area for the inhabitants of Tallinn, but since the end of the Czarist era it has been subjected to industrial interests. When the first Estonian Republic succeeded in making the region livelier again, the Soviet era set it back. Now the potential of the region has been rediscovered and is rapidly becoming more human friendly. The Põhjala factory symbolises all these changes. After the collapse of the large-scale naval industry, the factory premises were given new content, which succeeded, but it backfired during the Soviet era.

The factory premises now face a similar challenge. Although the future looks bright and there is more interest in Kopli, it is still a land of many opportunities. I have always been fascinated by situations where it is possible to be in the middle of nowhere. Even if it is just an illusion, it gives the environment a sense of sensitivity that allows for dialogue and creative intervention and interpretation. In a way, it would be good to keep it that way, but since things are constantly changing, it is not conceivable and something will get in the way.

But in this whole process, the moment of the turn is important. The fading process is complete and the new reorganisation has not yet reached new frames.


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