Beijing Fun is located in central Beijing about 100 meters from Tiananmen Square. The Dashilan district in which it is located was established during the early reign of emperor Yongle and is not only Beijing’s traditional commerce district, but also the center of Chinese drama culture – Peking opera evolved here. A number of Chinese architects played the leading role in the Dashilan Renewal Plan, which sought to reproduce the unique Ming and Qing dynasty residential buildings and commercial buildings of China’s republican era. It is one of the main exhibition areas of Beijing International Design Week.

Artist Notes by Fishdoll

This place has experienced so many changes. It needs to change. It needs dramatic change. That’s why I love this place as much as I hate it.  Music is full of imagery, and unlike the traditional methods of composition, is more about using the various levels of sound to create a kind of multisensory world. Regarding this piece of music, it almost feels like a recording of all my emotions from the first moment I stepped through the door. The design of the building is connected to a stimulation of the senses, while the senses interact with emotions. Everything I see affects my state of mind, both positively and negatively. I will separate myself from these emotions and observe them as an outsider. They will exist as an independent entity.

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