OCT-LOFT is located in the former eastern industrial zone of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town (OCT). The original businesses that were here in during the 1980’s were mostly “Three-plus-one” industrial enterprises, producing and processing furniture, paper, CD’s and daily necessities. In 2004, OCT Group transformed dozens of existing factories, warehouses and dormitory buildings built in the early 80’s into the OCT-LOFT, attracting various types of innovative industries to preserve the architectural form and historical traces of the old factory buildings.

Since 2006, OCT-LOFT has always maintained this creative work environment in an inclusive and open manner for intellectuals, designers and avant-garde artists active in the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. It is the most distinctive innovative cultural space in southern China.

Artist Notes:

Zen: OCT-LOFT is the best area for me in Shenzhen, Actually I have no more place to go. I performed at OCT-LOFT in 2006 when it was still a broken factory. During the 10 years we organised many many events there. Nowadays OCT-LOFT became the most important cultural zone in the city, but the ART is moving away and I feel sad about it.  

Simon: Whilst visiting OCT-LOFT I recorded many sounds including bamboo using contact mics (which pick up the vibrations in an object) and gave these to Zen Lu to begin the track. I then added additional electronics using an instrument called the Cocoquantus that suits the broken down factory, in an attempt to suggest both the history of the area and Zen Lu’s sadness.

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