OCT Art and Design Gallery is the first design-themed art museum in China. The building was originally built in the warehouse of the Shenzhen Bay Hotel in the early 80’s, which was one of the earliest four-star hotels in China.  

Not immune to the city’s rapid changes, the Shenzhen Bay Hotel had later turned into the Intercontinental Shenzhen, and the old warehouse on Shennan Avenue became a forgotten remnant of times gone by. The OCT Art and Design Gallery, which opened in 2008, breathed new life into the building. Reminiscent of a bee hive, the designer built a new, separate layer around the old construction – the overlapping glass walls of the hexagonal steel structure retain the history and significance of the building while also giving it a new architectural look.

Artist Notes:

As a musician and singer from Xinjiang, I have lived in Shenzhen for 15 years. I never imagined that it could really be my home, let alone that I could do something for this city! As a result, I interviewed Xinjiang people who have settled in different industries in Shenzhen to get a deeper understanding of their life and work in this city. Homesickness is an emotion that none of them can erase. Therefore, at the OCT Art & Design Gallery, I want to use my voice and Xinjiang musical instruments to show you the natural and human landscapes of Xinjiang as well as tell stories through music. This will seek to be a cultural export while remaining firmly grounded within the local culture.

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OCT Art and Design Gallery