6 Noblessner Pier (Noblessneri kai) / Taavi Tulev

The whole North of Tallinn is strongly connected with the sea - its former and current functions, its nature, its qualities. With new developments the sea side is being opened up again after the closed period and next to the designed urban-leisure environments, it cannot lose the most logical part of it - piers and harbours with yachts, windsurfers, fishermen and ships. It brings people as close as possible to the water and grabs the waterscape with its fingers. It has the poetry as a symbol of freedom for lots of Estonians.

Artist notes

For me personally the space and area is mostly about water. Water directs the seasons, the weather, view to the horizon and also the way space is designed around it. Human made structures change, water remains. Rhythm of the track is almost constant, yet mystical and hard to differentiate. Perhaps it's the same with stuff around the water. Things are being built, they age and then are being replaced with new ones – or perhaps they won't. But then again, there's still water and will always be. It sounds like water too – at least for me.

The track is recorded in one piece with a peace of mind made without the use of computers. Synthesizers, drum machine, sequencers, couple of effect units and a stereo out from mixer.

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Noblessner Pier