Memu Earth Lab

At Memu Earth Lab new forms of experimental infrastructure are prototyped. This infrastructure forms a base from which multifarious forms of interdisciplinary research are undertaken. We believe such research – which has a relationship with locality and everyday practices – can have a positive and enriching impact. Furthermore, through stepping out into the field and sharing a collaborative platform with diverse practitioners, we aim for the realization of new approaches, both to research, and to learning processes.

Rereading Resource

The research process of the Lab invites a rereading of the characteristics of place, channeled through the broad-ranging specialisms and practices of multidisciplinary participants. The repository of these deep perspectives is the grounding information resource of Memu Earth Lab. Emerging ideas are prototyped and tested in the fields of Memu Meadows and surrounds, resulting in real-time, live environmental feedback. Through such activities, based on responding to and rereading the [natural; built; social] environment we envision the establishment of an ongoing and sustainable, global conversation.


Lab Infomation

Place:158-1, Memu, Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, Japan, 089-2113
People:Yu Morishita, Project Lecturer, UTokyo Institute of Industrial Science

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Memu Earth Lab