iFactory is located on Haiwan Road in the Shekou Industrial Zone, where the first glass factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong Float Glass Factory, once stood. In 1985, with a goal of being the best in the world, it became the testing ground for China’s economic reform and introduced China's first world-class float glass production line. Its products were exported to 19 countries and regions on four continents. In 2009, the float glass factory was relocated, and iFactory took its place. In the mechanical production hall, sand warehouse, silo, chimney and other original factory buildings, a pluralistic birthplace of innovation was created.

Artist Notes:

The huge cavernous silos at iFactory in Shenzhen, hold nothing but reverb and dust now. But there was a time when the four silos held the chemicals needed to make glass. I’ve decided to replace those long gone chemicals with electronic sounds, created on the Buchla 200e Electric Music Box. These sounds, (placed in the Silos via impulse response reverb), mixed with extensive field recordings made in the Silos, using traditional and contact microphones (which pick up the vibrations in materials, rather than sound waves in the air) form the track I have created for Musicity.

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