Running east to west along the northern end stretch of the railway viaduct, Holyrood Street, nee Henry Street, is a quiet thoroughfare along the Low Line route. A vast undercroft used for decades for storing ale, wine and spirits opens out from underneath the railways tracks, while the warehouses and offices opposite are home to a variety of creative industries and one of the areas most revered cocktail bars, opposite the artwork ‘ode’ by Trinity Tristan and Tim Whiting. Warehouses 7, 8 and 9 Holyrood Street were built in the 1900s for storing goods from the docks before moving them on by rail. A steel gateway leads into Gibbon’s Rent, a narrow secret community garden that is lined on either side with well-tended plants in pots and bits of industrial salvage. You’ll even find a ‘Little Library’, so take your time to stop and contemplate this little-known wonder before you continue your journey.

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Holyrood Street