When the northern end of nearby Weston Street was swallowed by the new London Bridge Station, Bermondsey Street tunnel became the longest of its type in the country. The long railway tunnel joins the southern section of Bermondsey Street to Tooley  Street and the Thames. The earliest sections date back to 1836 and were added to as the railway lines grew in number, lengthening the tunnel and creating cavernous spaces under the tracks that would become ale warehouses and bonded wine vaults, and later night clubs. On hot summer days the middle of the tunnel remains cool and shadowed, despite a new lighting system capable of displaying 16m colours being installed in 2009. The roar of the traffic and repetitive rhythm of the trains above are a reminder that London Bridge is a place where journeys begin and end. 

A vast 1970s railway signal box sits atop the southern entrance to the tunnel that leads out to the galleries, boutiques and eateries of Bermondsey Street.

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Bermondsey Street Tunnel