Baishizhou is a dense, tangled residential area made up of what were once five villages located in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen. It is said that most people who come to Shenzhen from other places start their new lives here. Every morning and evening, the entrances of Baishizhou are always crowded with people. These crowds have become the driving force of Shenzhen, all working to achieve their dreams in this fast-growing city.

As the best example of Shenzhen’s urban villages, Baishizhou is a microcosm of the development of the times, containing the stories of many people striving to make their way. Now, as the largest urban renewal project in Shenzhen is underway, the future of Baishizhou has sparked heated discussions and concerns. Even in the face of impending change, Baishizhou remains the place where dreams begin.
Artist Notes:

Baishizhou is an area with approximately 2,527 buildings and 50,473 homes for rent on 0.6 square kilometres of land, which accommodates 140,000 people. However, this will soon disappear to become a part of urban development history and a memory in people’s minds. Before it vanishes, I hope to preserve the memory of this place through the creation of multidimensional recordings using sounds, images, pictures and texts.

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