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Being a city rich in cultural resources, it is no surprise that Shanghai’s urban renewal has been culturally-focused. Today, it not only retains the vestiges of large-scale industrial development, but also contains a unique network of urban landscapes and cultural places.  

Musicity Shanghai has selected seven special locations that represent the cultural architecture of Shanghai's developmental paths during different periods. These structures may be renovated old factories or buildings from a bygone era that have been repurposed for something new. What kind of inspiration will this bring to musicians?  

Musicity Shanghai has invited Duck Fight Goose frontman Han Han, cutting-edge musician 33EMYBW, Sheng player Zhang Meng, ethnic Kazakh Anuar Kaldekhan and British musicians Simon James, Abi Wade and Nick Luscombe to collaborate and create new music showcasing the characteristics of these unique structures. Abi Wade and Zhang Meng also work together to produce a new track for the Great Theatre of China.

Special thanks to 1862 Theatre, 1933 Shanghai, Great Theater of China, Power Station of Art, Sinan Mansions, Shanghai Concert Hall, and West Bund Art Centre for their support.

Musicity Shanghai producer: Wang Tian

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