Peckham Rye Park

Tour – Peckham Sonic Walk by Siân Hutchings

10 September 13:00

About the event:

Sunday 10th September


Meeting Point: Peckham Rye Park,  Hut (Shelter) in the Japanese Garden.

Limited free tickets via:

This Sonic walk will explore the multicultural diverseness of Peckham. A sonic walk is a walk that explores the acoustic ecology of place and how we can understand our environments through an active listening process. We will begin the walk at Peckham Rye Park where we will listen to overlooked features of the environment using specialised microphones and radio devices. There will be discussions on the impact of sound in the soundscape of Peckham and together we will walk through the heart of Peckham rye and discover the multi-layered urban sounds that exists as Peckham’s daily composition. During the walk we will also listen to some of the commissioned musicians for Musicity and our crescendo will finish at Peckham Rye Library where we will think about how diverse sound is within our social and political culture. Finally this walk aims to prove why listening should come before hearing.

The tour will be conducted by Siân Hutchings, an artist whose practice is grounded upon how we can understand environments
through an ‘active’ listening approach. Her work often considers the equality of the senses and combatting ‘sonic competence’ first termed by Canadian composer and sound theorist, R. Murray Schafer. Her work often incorporates participation with her audience whether that may be through joining her on a sonic walk or generating sonic journals and listening to paint dry. Through her work, Sian aims to highlight the importance of sonic understanding and how we can navigate experience through a multitude of senses rather than just relying on the western dominant sense of the eye.

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