99 Bishopsgate, by Marina Abramović's Tree, London. EC2M 3XD

Musicity x Sculpture in the City – Angèle David-Guillou Live

21 July 19:30

About the event:

As part of Musicity x Sculpture in the City Live, Angèle David-Guillou will perform at 99 Bishopsgate (by the Marina Abramović 'Tree') the location that has inspired her composition for Musicity x Sculpture in the City, the programme that is also launching on July 21st (click here for more information).

London-based French composer Angèle David-Guillou makes audacious music that explores the interaction between rhythm and melody, structure and emotion, permanence and change. Writing for the piano, string and saxophone ensembles, voices and most recently the pipe organ, David-Guillou is particularly interested in how melodies create, rather than them emanate from, rhythm and structure.

To attend this performance, book your place here. Note the event is free but space is limited so booking is essential. Walk-ins may be admitted depending on capacity.

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