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Musicity Seoul 2017 is part of a wider initiative called Connected City.

The rapid changes of the city through architecture, environment, economic structure and community have brought enormous changes to the daily lives of humans who live in the city. And these changes in the city have developed diverse emerging themes such as urban regeneration, sustainability, creativity and intercommunity.

How should the arts in-cooperate with ever changing circumstances in the city? What will be the role and responsibility of the arts to catalyse for present and future city and to engage communities in the city?

The Connected City aims to develop a platform to re-shape, re-explore, re-imagine and re-connect the city we live in. With the collaboration with artists, producers, curators and communities from UK and Korea, Connected City will introduce innovative practices on ever-changing societies/ public spaces in the city through various arts forms and digital technology. The programmes on Connected City include Musicity, Playable City, Maker City, Storytelling City, Performing City and City Conference.

 Hosted by British Council, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Design Foundation

Organised by Producer Group Dot, Urban Regeneration Centre of Seoul Metropolitan Government,

Seoul Walk and Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism


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