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Musicity x Memu

Musicity Global x Memu

Beginning in 2019, Musicity Global is excited to announce the beginning of a long-term
UK/Japan collaboration with Memu Earth Lab and Memu Earth Hotel, which are situated
in a remote corner of Hokkaido, Northern Japan.

The Memu site contains unique experimental structures, designed by LIXIL International
University Architectural Competition winners over the course of 7 years. Along with a special
Kengo Kuma & Associates designed house these buildings now operate as a boutique hotel
complex (Memu Earth Hotel) and research platform (Memu Earth Lab).

Memu Earth Lab is a University of Tokyo-led, interdisciplinary research initiative, which works
with diverse leading practitioners (ranging across scientific, agricultural, creative, and further
disciplines) in responding to and rereading the Memu Earth Hotel site and surroundings. The
project does this with particular regard to architecture, climate, landscape, locality and everyday
The Memu area has a harsh, subzero climate for much of the year, and houses a thinly-spread
community who work mainly in agriculture and cultivate a wide, flat landscape favoured by
Japanese space agencies for rocket launches.
These field recordings were made in Memu and surrounding areas, during a research trip in
early March 2019.

Sounds include: milking cows at sunrise, a local artist painting in his workshop amidst spring
winds, ice melting on Rekifune river, a hole being drilled in a frozen lake for fishing, drumming
the wall of the site’s Kengo Kuma-designed house, and more.


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