Bespoke Commissions

Beyond its core programme of multi-site, city-focused projects, Musicity facilitates individual, bespoke commissions for anyone seeking a unique audio track created in response to specific architecture. With over fifty commissioned tracks to date inspired by buildings around the globe, Musicity is the leading agency for music+architecture, offering a whole new way to experience place through sound, using the everyday technology.


A bespoke piece of music or sound art created by a world-class composer is a more interesting alternative to the typical, generic 'lobby art’ seen in so many corporate buildings. Hosted online on the Musicity platform, the finished audio commission can be heard by anyone with a smart phone, without invading the surrounding space or becoming background ‘Muzak'. Using geo-tagging technology, the track is made accessible in and around the building itself, so that listeners hear it in the very place that inspired its creation, but from there it can be downloaded for free, and saved for future off–line playback – a unique souvenir for visitors to take away and enjoy.


Collaborating with acoustic experts and a range of composers across all musical genres, Musicity works with clients to ensure each commission is truly reflective of the architecture to which it is intrinsically connected, as well as working flexibly to accommodate all scales of budgets, from single tracks to multiple commissions across a number of sites.


The whole process is managed by Nick Luscombe, the founder and director of Musicity. He presents the Sony Award Winning BBC Radio 3 Late Junction programme, produces radio for the BBC and other stations and curates playlists for brands and music technology companies. Nick is A&R consultant at the Nonclassical record label, and is Special Projects consultant at Gearbox Records. He previously worked for iTunes as Chief Music Editor and as Director of Music at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London.


Nick was part of the 2014 and 2015 Mercury Music Prize judging panel.


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